About Us

Who we are

We lead through innovation and disruption, by always driving business value first.
We don’t just stay on the cutting edge, we push the edge further. LightFeather was founded in 2018 to be a different type of digital services company. We make it our mission to drive innovation, disruption and change, not just to build software. Our mission is to empower people to get stuff done, to continuously drive business value and make a positive impact wherever we go.

How we can help

Disrupt. Ideate. Innovate. Create. Protect. Automate. Get Stuff Done.
We are not afraid to disrupt and innovate to get stuff done with a focus on delivering business value continuously. We iterate and continuously improve processes, methodologies and products. Our software design and development is innovative from the start. Building sleek visualizations, we focus on delivering efficiencies and automated solutions to help our customers see their business processes in a totally new light. We transform business processes by infusing modern technologies and methodologies.
We provide Agile Methodologies and Coaching, Design, Development, Devops & Cloud, Data Science & Analytics, and Cyber Services to small, medium or large organizations.